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The Office of Child Care (OCC) in DC is asking for Tribal CCDF Grantee input for parts of the new regulations for the reauthorization of CCDF that happened last fall. We need to have a discussion on what Oklahoma sees is best. Areas to focus on are listed below. You can provide your comments in the comment box below or send an email to OTCCA Chairperson, Sherry Rackliff


  1. Why do we need a 4% set-aside as opposed to a 2%? What specifically do we plan to do with the extra funding?

  2. OCC is considering raising the exempt amount to $750,000. How will that impact your program? Is that enough if Tribes get an increase to 4%?

  3. The CCDF law says that states and territories must abide by a one year determination of eligibility determination period as opposed to six months.* How will this impact your program? Is this something that you could use the increase set-aside to accomplish? How would this impact the Tribe?

  4. OCC is considering increasing the base amount to $30,000. It is currently $20,000. This amount  is deducted before a per child amount is calculated. This will be beneficial to smaller Tribes and even more beneficial to consortiums. How will this impact your Tribe? Is this something you want to happen?

  5. How will a change in the manner of child counts affect your program? One thing being considered is submitting a count each time a new plan is due and not one time per year. 

  6. How will submitting plans every thiree years (as opposed to once every two years) affect your program? 

  7. OCC is considering increasing the quality set-aside from 4% to a higher percentage and to require that all Tribes spend some money on quality, regardless of their status. How will this affect your program?


* This was an effort to promote continuity of care and this also fits in with the eligibility determination period of Head Start.

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The Oklahoma Tribal Child Care Association is a representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the tribal CCDF grantees that represent Tribal communities across Oklahoma. Tribal child care and early childhood programs work hard to provide our children, families, and communities with high quality child care services all across Indian Country.